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Events, Concerts, Festivals to which Eliane Aberdam contributes

Concert in Pittsburgh

August 13, 2015 Performance of
"The Heart of Shahrazad"

A music theatre production by Amiche,
with Lara Cottrill (soprano),
Sarah Carleton (actress),
and Marissa Knaub (harpist)

The Heart of Shahrazad


Shahrazad Program

Concert at ODC Theater
in San Francisco, CA

January 19, 2015
Earplay’s 30th Anniversary Season

Performance of "Figurines"
in three movements
for flute, clarinet, cello, piano and percussion

Concert at Slater Mill
Pawtucket, RI

June 2, 2014
by the Aurea Ensemble

featuring Nigel Gore, Chris Turner, Katherine Winterstein, Consuelo Sherba, Emmanuel Feldman

World premiere of "A Demon in my View"
for violin, viola, cello, harmonica and reader
(Poems by Paul Verlaine and Edgar Poe)

URI Composers' Collage Concert

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March 2, 2014

featuring works by Aberdam, Volness, Heroux and Parillo

Presented : "T", "Deux Poemes Oceaniques",
and the avant premiere of
"Ecoutez la chanson bien douce",
poems by Paul Verlaine

Eden Casteel, soprano, Hyunjung Choi, harp, Alexey Shabalin, violin

Tenth Festival of Women Composers

Indiana , PA, February 13-15, 2014

Tenth Festival of Women Composers

"Deux Poèmes Océaniques"
accepted for the Call of Score and performed on February 13

Concert at Governor Lippitt House

April 19, 2013

Brown Paper Tickets

Premiere of
"Deux poemes Oceaniques"
by Providence Premieres

Blythe Walker, soprano, Hyunjung Choi, harp, Alexey Shabalin, violin

Concert at URI

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March 4, 2012

World Premiere of
with URI Wind Ensemble, Gene Pollart, conductor

URI Music Convocation

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February 2, 2012

"Seven Deadly Sins"
Performed by Margaret Frazier

Q & A session following performance

Concert at URI

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October 29th 2011

U.S. Premiere of
"Les Bons Augures"
URI Orchestra, Ann Danis, Conductor

Concert in the Cormeilles-en-Parisis Theater, near Paris

on June, Saturday the 11th, 2011 at 3:00 pm

Premiere of
Les Bons Augures
a piece for orchestra in three movements:
I - Sans trainer
II - Très expressif
III - Allegro

Olivier Jean Avondo

This piece is dedicated to
Olivier Jean Avondo
and to students of the Symphonic Orchestra of the 2nd Cycle of the School of Music of Cormeilles-en-Parisis
Conductor: Olivier Jean Avondo

Concert in Saint Luke Episcopal Church

on Saturday August 28th 2010, at 2pm.

Concert on August 28, 2010

Program will integrate poetry, and chamber music
by Eliane Aberdam and Noreen Inglesi

The repertoire will relate to the theme of 'Notable Works'
and South County Habitat for Humanity's
recent compilation CD project
Working In Harmony For Home and Hearth
which addresses current housing and environmental issues

Program details

Tzilzulim (2002).
Piece for Tuba and Electronics. Gary Buttery, tuba

Sans Faiblir la Nuit attend le Soleil (2003)
Trio for piano, violin and cello.
Alexey Shabalin, violin, Eric Mazonson, piano, Christine Harrington, cello.

Surprisentopie, piano solo
Eric Mazonson, piano.

Seven Deadly Sins
Premiere, for Soprano and Electronics.
Margaret Frazier, soprano.

Triumphant Gems (2008)
for French Horn and Tuba.
Elizabeth Gates, French horn and Gary Buttery, tuba.

Tête à tête (2007)
duo for piano and violin.
Alexey Shabalin, violin and Eric Mazonson, piano.

Grisaille Vaporeuse
Trio for piano, violin and cello
in three Movements: Pensive, Lyrical and Joyful.
Alexey Shabalin, violin, Eric Mazonson, piano and Christine Harrington, cello.

University Artists Series
Concert at URI

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Sunday April 19th 2009, at 3pm.
Chamber Music by Eliane Aberdam

Program details

Sans faiblir la nuit attend le soleil (2003)
Rhode Island Premiere
Alexey Shabalin, Violin - Christine Harrington, Violoncello - Eric Mazonson, Piano

Un anneau couleur de lune (1995)
Margaret Frazier, Soprano - Jean Maxon Carpenter, piano

Triumphant Gems (2008)
World Premiere
Elizabeth Gates, French Horn - Gary Buttery, Tuba

Tête à tête (2007)
Alexey Shabalin, Violin - Eric Mazonson, Piano


pour tuba and electronics
Gary Buttery, Tuba

Grisailles vaporeuses
trio for piano, violin and cello 1:
pensive 2: Lyrical 3: Joyful
Alexey Shabalin, Violin - Christine Harrington, Violoncello - Eric Mazonson, Piano

Bas et Hauts Bois (2008)
World Premiere
1: Wooden Quests 2: Amber Trails 3: Elegance
Jane Murray, Oboe, English Horn and Oboe d'Amore

Surprisentopie (2005)
1: Goinfroniphere 2: Tointijoncture 3: Plurinotiphonte
Eric Mazonson, Piano

University Artists Series
Concert at URI

Premiering Original works from
Co-Sponsored By University of Rhode Island Music Department:

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Thursday, October 23, 2008, 7:30 pm
Location: University of Rhode Island Fine Arts Center Concert Hall

The American Band, Directed by Dr. Gene Pollart
Joe Parillo and Eliane Aberdam
Special Guests: Bill Harley, Atwater-Donnelly, Greg Cooney, Rob Raroux
and Notable Work's Artist In Residence Noreen Inglesi

Please visit: NotableWorks or Phone: 401-946-5357

Festival of Women composers

Festival of Women composers International
Indiania University of Pennsylvania
College of Fine Arts - Department of Music
An All-Steinway School
March 27-29, 2008

Program excerpt
Saturday, March 29, 2008, 1:30-4:45 PM; Gorell Recital Hall

  • 1:30-2:15 Lecture/Recital - Saxophone: Larsen, Gotkovsky, & Shrude - Joseph Murphy, saxophone; Nancy Boston, piano; Mansfield University
  • 2:30-3:15 Lecture/Recital - Marian McPartland: Jazz Artist, Nayantara Desai, piano; Front Range Community College
  • 3:30-4:45 Concert : Soirée Concert II: Featuring IAWM Members
    • Grisaille Vaporeuse, by Eliane Aberdam, University of Rhode Island -
      Stanley Chepaitis, violin; Linda Jennings, cello; Judith Radell, piano
    • Two Moods for Harp, by Nancy Galbraith, Lucy Scandrett, harp
    • On the Palmy Beach, by Kathleen Ginter, Southern Illinois University - Mary Logan Hastings, soprano; Jack Scandrett, horn
    • Sonoran Tapestry, by Anne Kilstofte, University of Minnesota - Margaret Lucia, piano
    • Ruins, by Sherry Martin Woods - Benjamin Woods, viola, Sherry Woods, piano; Kalamazoo
    • Trio, by Nancy Van de Vate - Lin Foulk, horn; Julie Evans, violin; Yu-Lien The, piano; Western Michigan University
Maria Loos, Recorder - Artist-in-Residence

Concert en l'Eglise Saint Ferjus, La Tronche, France

Austrian Cultural Forum

Sunday Novembre 19, 2006 at 6pm

Trio instrumental Amber
  • Uri Dror, violon
  • Nitzan Laster, violoncelle
  • Lior Kretzer, piano

The Amber trio is attached to the Jewish Museum in Vienna (Austria)

  • Trio No.2, Grisailles vaporeuses, Eliane Aberdam, Premiere
  • Trio op.1 no.1, Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Trio op. 67, Dmitri Chostakovich

University Artists Series
New compositions

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Geoffrey Gibbs, Gary Buttery & Eliane Aberdam
October 15th, 2005

  1. Fantasy Impromptu for solo viola (Premiere) by Geoffrey Gibbs Heather Wallace, Viola
  2. Introduction: Gary Buttery
  3. Yves Tanguy - Images in Sounds by Gary Buttery. Gary Buttery, Tuba & Electronics
  4. Introduction: Eliane Aberdam
  5. Six Dream Songs, by Eliane Aberdam. Jane Murray, Oboe; Margo McGowan, Clarinet; Christine Carrucci, Bassoon
    Movement 1, Movement 2, Movement 3, Movement 4, Movement 5, Movement 6
  6. Introduction: Eliane Aberdam
  7. Tziltzulim for Tuba & Electronics, by Eliane Aberdam Gary Buttery, Tuba
  8. Introduction: Roxana Tourigny.
  9. Works by Geoffrey Gibbs Roxana Tourigny, Soprano; Heather Wallace, Viola
  10. Sea Shanties and Ballads (2005) Poetry by Alonzo L. Gibbs (Premiere)
  11. Ballad of Captain Hall
  12. Gulls
  13. With traps piled high
  14. The Tide-walker (inspired by a painting by Gloucester artist, Howard Curtis)
  15. The Forty Lobstermen
  16. Introduction: Eliane Aberdam
  17. Surprisentopie, Eliane Aberdam, Manabu Takasawa, Piano
    Three movements: Goinfronifere, Tointijonctures, Plurinotiphontes

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