Quoi ? Ce point

Electroacousic music, by Eliane Aberdam

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2012-2014 Le Piano Fou
A technological Duel between a Disklavier and a Pianist
Uses Pax-MPS intercative sound processing abilities
2010 Seven Deadly Sins Commissioned by Margaret Frazier, for Voice and Electronics, premiered August 28th, 2010 at saint Luke's Church in East Greenwich, RI.
2011 Completed the electronic part of
Triumphant Gems
2006 ProJo Interactive Project for Slavery, March 2006
2002 Tziltzulim, for tuba and electronics Premiered in New London CT, February 14, 2003
2000 T, for electronically treated voices, after the poem T by Maurya Simon CMS North-East Chapter, April 2001, Lewiston ME. Connecticut College, 5th annual "Women in Music" concert, October 28, 2001
1996 PaRDèS, for harp, percussions and electronics. Premiered at IRCAM, Paris, with the Ensemble Court-Circuit, January 19, 1997

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