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Music for Choir, by Eliane Aberdam

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2007 Baleines, for baryton solo, men's chorus, flute, cello, piano and electronics. Premiere at URI, October 14, 2007
2004 Chorus for the last scene of opera Tamar Performed by Lively expetiment, April 2, 2004, URI(Round table)
1992 Va Yelekh, for mixed chorus, and organ or piano. Text : Deuteronomy XXXI,7,8
Kol Dodi, for mixed chorus, cello, horn and percussion. Text : Song of Songs V,1,2
1988 Three pieces for mixed chorus, A Cappella. Poems by Maurya Simon, Zen Koan, The Gift & Fire Walking. Berkeley CA, performance at the University Art Museum, December 11 & 12, 1993
1987 Adam Be Shamaïm, for mixed choir. Text: Y. Hopenheimer.

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